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White Star Mountain Guides

Adventure Outside • Sport & Trad Guiding

White Star Mountain Guides (WSMG) offers guiding services for Sport, Traditional, and Bouldering tours. We operate at no more than 4 people per guide ratios. We also do custom guides. If you are interested in that just contact us and we can let you know if we can help. We also offer guide training if you want to start learning how to be a proper guide.

White Star Mountain Guides (WSMG) offers Guide Training for Sport and Traditional Guiding. Each course is available or a discount for the whole pack is available. The trainings are designed to bring the student up to speed with the best in Sport and Trad climbing techniques, gear, belay and anchoring.

Intro to Outdoor Climbing
Leading Outside Single Pitch
Sport Anchors & Cleaning
Multi Pitch Sport
Intro to Traditional Climbing
Trad/Natural Anchors
Multi Pitch Traditional

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